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Aw, shucks, this is a great TF2 Medic simulator!


Get it?

Alright, jokes aside, this was really funny, and for some reason I played this for like 30 minutes while being insulted by a childish AI
That was the best part of this experience

I can't feel my diafragma.

Simple, funny, and it kind of Reminded me of Dark Souls (I don't know why)
Nice job, eh!

I'm not gonna lie, I spent almost an hour playing this, and seeing Mac flying around like a smiling piece of potato sure made my day.
If you ever think of something, add a combo function, maybe that will inspire people to punch faster (On second note, that would make them forget that the game's objective is protecting Mac...)
Add a Mac multiplier!

Out of jokes, you did a nice a job, games like these make Ludum Dare 46 something fun and unique in Newgrounds.

Prox276 responds:

Thanks! Hearing that made my day as well! :)

All you need is a heavy armor tank, go cary on lad.

Well, Im not exactly a mistery or puzzle fan, but man you got me.

The game promises, I must admit that the items and locations are just perfect for this kind of enviroment, reminds me of a similar title, The Last Door, pretty old but still scary

Good luck with your next job Enkian, we all trust in your horror and mistry knowledge.

TheEnkian responds:

Why thank you, I shall deliver the horror and mystery again!

The game is pretty fun, running around and hitting foes with a tiny sword.

Da puzzles bro

Wolod responds:

If you're knightin' you need to do sone fightin' :D

I really liked it! I am a fan of Pixel art and games, keep it up and maybe we will get Zak 2: Potato

I am not good with this kind of games, anyways I keep playing them.
At the end, is smooth and nice, keep up the good work (And make easier puzzles XD)

(Good Maker, by thwe way)


Once, a normal Anti-riot unit from the mountains.
Now, a lonely giant with a gun.

The shield is like his best friend, and his gun is his confident, the sunglasses cover a scar that he wants to forget.
Quiet, but he knows who is a foe and who must be protected from the evil.

I can translate stuff from Spanish to English
I am a "decent" drawer and writer
I enjoy video games
TF2 shall be eternal
Iยดm way too old for this

I draw stuff, I gues


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